Texas is Going Solar – Get Solar Energy Rebate

According to Forbes, the Texas economy is the second largest in the United States at 1.8 trillion dollars and is now preparing to become the nationwide leader in solar energy as well. As the state continues to develop and its power requirements continue to grow, the current administration is looking at green energy solutions. Current predictions show that Texas will have over 4 GW of solar installations in the next 5 years, with more to come by 2030.

There are currently hundreds of solar installations in Texas that are functioning at full capacity, the largest of which is situated in Haskell. This facility can generate 106 MW(AC) of power, which is enough to power almost 18,000 homes. In addition to the solar farms that are or will soon be functional, larger companies in Texas have also started transitioning to green energy. One such company is FedEx, which has recently installed one of the largest privately-owned solar panel systems in the North Texas area at their location in Hutchins, which is capable of generating just over 2 MW. There are over 6,000 solar panels that produce enough energy to offset about 30% of the facility’s annual electric consumption, which is equivalent to just over 22,000 homes.

Cost effective green energy solutions are paving the way to a better future

Solar panel prices have fallen 47% in the last 5 years, making them truly affordable for everyone. There are also several federal and local incentives for those living in various areas of Texas that they can take advantage of to drive the cost down even further.

For example, people living in certain areas of Austin can receive a rebate of $2,500 for completing a solar education course. They can also receive additional incentives/credits as part of Austin Energy’s Value of Solar Tariff. Companies such as CoServ, CPS Energy, Denton Municipal Electric and Oncor offer incentives and or rebates that are designed to help homeowners make the transition to solar power easier, and in some cases, even profitable with buy back of overproduction.

In addition, more and more homeowners are currently looking to transition to solar power in order to essentially raise the value of their property. Homes that have solar panels installed benefit from the Texas renewable energy tax exemption and they do not have to pay extra taxes for them.

Overall, companies that specialize in installing solar panels are offering the newest and most reliable tech at prices that are now more affordable than ever. Both businesses, as well as homeowners, have jumped at the opportunity to go solar to save money and the environment as well by reducing their carbon footprint.
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