Solar Panel Maintenance?

Benefits of proper solar panel maintenance:

Longevity of the System | Photovoltaic Efficiency | More Electricity Created | Safety

Since solar panels have no moving parts, they require basically no maintenance! With as much rain as we receive
in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, your panels should stay clean year-round. You could spray them off with a water
hose a few times a year, but it really isn’t necessary.

If you lived in a state that has a lot of snow, then you would have to have measures in place to rid the panels of
snow, as it would certainly decrease your solar production. If you have trees around your house that shade your
roof, you will need to keep the trees trimmed so they won’t cast shadows on the panels as that will decrease
production as well. Microinverters can be used to help overcome shading issues, but just like solar panels, they
contain no moving parts so there are no maintenance issues.

A solar PV installation is really a smooth process from start to finish, and with basically no maintenance to the
system, you will reap the benefits of creating your own power and paying less on your electric bill for years to
come! We would love to provide a free evaluation of your electric needs to determine is going solar makes
dollars and “sense” to you.

Go Green – Save Green!