When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

The COVID 19 pandemic has challenged the very essence of Human Existence. Humans who seemed to have all the answers are suddenly looking as clueless as ever. It has upended all our beliefs and sanity. Life after the pandemic will depend on how we choose to react to this unprecedented situation. This time the change cannot be gradual. Change must happen now and happen fast.

But then not all is lost. Every cloud has a silver lining. The pandemic has made us all sit up, introspect and take notice. The realization of our mortality and helplessness has created a sense of urgency to make the most of our health, liberty, vitality and hopefully, our planet.

We have now fully acknowledged the fragility of life and society and the importance of fundamental basics like family, food, health and home. The pandemic has forced us to:

  • Spend quality time with our family and loved ones. Something that we have always wanted to do and never had the time.
  • Realize the importance of proper nutrition and staying healthy
  • Understand that we will not always be in control of things.
  • Make forced sacrifices which has helped our Earth to heal a bit. It is reported that pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have fallen across continents. Air pollution in some areas has gone down drastically and clear skies are visible after a long time in those cities. Of course, a lot still needs to be done.

Now that we have realization that we can live with less and that there is enough for our needs, it is time to focus our attention to an equally serious threat of Climate change.

The risk and reward of this pandemic will continue to be analyzed for a long time but for now we will do well to unlock some positivity.