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Why Universal Solar

We Provide A Free & No Obligation Proposal

Our experienced solar consultants will meet in person with you to go over all aspects of going solar. They will show you how much you can save each month by going solar and they will be able to break down all financial numbers as well, including the Federal Tax Credit.

Deal With Industry Experts
Professional Presentation
First Class Workmanship
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Professional Installation Using Tier 1 Equipment

We Take Care Of Everything For You



Our engineers will create the perfect layout for your solar panels, which will maximize your solar production.


Paperwork & Permits

We take care of all paperwork and permits, including HOA forms, city permits and any other documents needed regarding your installation.


Our installation crew is the best in the solar industry and includes a Master Electrician. We do not cut any corners when
it comes to your installation.


Want to find out exactly how much you can save by going solar?

Let us create your FREE and no obligation proposal.

About Universal Solar System

A Few Reasons Why We Love What We Do

Producing green, renewable energy is a worthy cause for all mankind. Making renewable energy available to markets at an affordable cost while delivering healthy returns to investors is what makes it sustainable, and we here at Universal Solar System are committed to doing just that.


The success of our company is based on solid financial business principles rather than being dependent on helpful but temporary government incentives that are available in various markets. We believe, and we have proven that with smart technology choices and stream-lined project management we can deliver clean power at competitive pricing, while satisfying the financial expectations of our clients.

Go Solar, Save The Earth! Universal Solar System is a leading solar panel installation company providing solar installation for residential and commercial project in Dallas, Plano, Texas. Contact us to know more solar panel installation cost and saving. Receive a federal tax credit for your house solar panel system and save money.


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